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First Bangla Newspaper In Buffalo,NY

Message from President of Buffalo Bangla

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Fahim Tazwar, MD MPH
My heartfelt congratulation on this second anniversary of the Buffalo Bangla Newspaper. I am proud and extremely grateful to be part of the history.
This newspaper has become the principal mode of communication for the Bangladeshi diaspora in Buffalo. Today it is almost impossible to imagine Bangladeshi community in Buffalo without the Buffalo Bangla.
Heartiest congratulation to our hardworking team for their dedication. A special thanks to our beloved editor, Niaz Makdum, advisors, sponsors and our writers. I thank our readers dearly. Without your support and encouragement, our achievement wouldn’t have been possible.
Please pray for our continuous success and good fortune. I know our team will continue to work harder to take Buffalo Bangla Newspaper at even greater height in future and keep entertaining out passionate readers.


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