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So many business models, So little time

By বাফেলো বাংলা , in Uncategorized , at ডিসেম্বর 8, 2019

I’ve seen so many businesses fail to keep up with the times, fail to  stay profitable and eventually shut down. Everything from my personal blog that I recently abandoned to multi-billion dollar corporations like block- buster or Toys R Us have come and gone without a trace.

So what was the problem with all of these businesses? They failed to keep up with new demands and eventually became useless to the average consumer. For me, I couldn’t publish content often enough to create a subscriber base, Toys R Us customers went to Amazon for 2 day delivery on their kid’s toys and people preferred to have Netflix mail DVDs to them instead of having to go to Blockbuster every time they wanted a new movie.

My point is that regardless of your business, there is a way to make the process better. From grocery stores to furniture stores and everything in between, there is always a new, better way to do things and we need to keep up with those things if we want to stay in business.

So the point of this article is not to tell you to abandon your old ways and try something internet- based, because I know 99% of the Bengalis who read this will not bother will that. Instead of I’m going to offer some advice on how you can use the internet to add to your business since that is a bit more feasible for most people.

First and foremost, I recommend outsourcing everything. Outsourcing means giving all the small tasks that anyone can do, to someone else. I’m not saying employees since that can be hard for a small business, but freelancers are a great way to get started.

For example, if you have a service, absolutely any service, from real estate management to accounting and basically every- thing else, instead of turning your business into a full-time job and doing everything yourself, hire someone who has a good work history on or and have them do it for cheap. There are many extremely cheap options online. That frees you up so you can take more clients and spend more time doing things you enjoy instead of working all day like an employee.

Let’s say you don’t have a service, instead, you sell physical products. Well, the best way you can make this work for you is to let others handle all the stress of buying inventory, storing it and handling customer service. Keep working with people at your physical location, no problem, but also start a system of selling on Amazon, but in a way that you have to handle none of the shipping or customer service. The way this is done is you create a seller account on Amazon and ask your supplier to send your inventory to Amazon’s warehouse so they can start selling your products.

However much you keep your products online, if no one sees them, you’ll never sell anything, so that’s why I started my agency. I create animated videos for businesses so they can use them as ads, commercials, website videos, social posts, anything they want. Watching videos has become the most popular form of media on- line nowadays and without videos, you’re missing a large part of the market. Call or text me at (716) 427-3589 for more information about my service.


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